Die CRB U19 Champions Trophy lebt von dem Einsatz vieler ehrenamtlicher Helfer und vom Engagement eines mit entsprechender Erfahrung ausgestatteten Teams.

Martin Meyer (45)

As an independent Allianz general representative and Baas of the "Derendorfer Jonges" association, Martin Meyer is used to working actively and with full commitment in the team. As the head of the tournament, Meyer is not only responsible for the cooperation between the state capital, the club and the organiser, but also for the overall organisation of the tournament.

"As the son of Charly Meyer, I am honoured to be able to continue this great tournament with my team. I am proud of a traditional event, which we realize as a team. The international understanding and the coexistence of different cultures are just as much a part of it as the tirelessness to inspire the spectators over Easter".

U19 Champions Trophy
Geschäftsführung Turnier
Martin Meyer
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Marcus Giesenfeld (40)

can confidently be described as "soccer crazy". Player, trainer, classifier - the business graduate has already worked in many areas of amateur and professional clubs. The employee of a bank is responsible for the "Sports" division in the tournament management of the U19 Champions Trophy. Marcus Giesenfeld uses his extensive network of contacts, which he has built up over the last few years, to put together the field of participants.

"I grew up with this tournament. As an 8-year-old I sold program books and later helped in many other areas. Now I am looking forward to actively shaping the future of this traditional event on the grounds of my home club. The U19 Champions Trophy offers junior football at the highest level. That simply matches my interests."

U19 Champions Trophy
Marcus Giesenfeld
Mobil: 0172-2165566

Piet Keusen (41)

can only remember one U19 Champions Trophy he missed in the last 30 years. 2009, when the journalist had to report from the European Field Hockey League in Hamburg. An exception, because he can't really imagine Easter without football at BV 04. As an F-Youth player, he sold programmes, then helped as a team leader and driver, and also reported on the U19 Champions Trophy for the NRZ. Piet Keusen has been a member of the organisation team since 2013 and was promoted to press spokesman in 2015.

"Like the other two, the U19 Champions Trophy is a family celebration for me. My parents have been helping me for over 30 years and my first memory of the tournament is that I wore a flag at the award ceremony when I was six years old. It's nice to be involved in the development of the tournament now. The tournament is fantastic and everyone should know that."

U19 Champions Trophy
Piet Keusen
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