1. The field of participants is composed of 10 teams which are divided into two groups. The games deciding the group victory will be performed in a single round (everyone against everyone).

    In case of matching scores the subtraction procedure will decide on the outcome. If the difference is on a par, the teams with the most goals achieves the better line-up position. Should in this case the score still be matching, the direct comparison is taken into account. If the direct comparison also ended up in a tie, a lottery has to decide who gets ahead. This procedure would start – if necessary - after the last game on Sunday at the VIP-Area. The first- and second-placed teams of each group are directly qualified for the semi-finals on Monday morning. The third-placed teams meet in the match for the fifth place on Monday afternoon. The losers of the semi-finals play for the third place.

    The winners of the semi-finals will play the final. All final games on Monday ending in a draw will be decided on a penalty kick. The penalty kick is also subject to the regulations of the DFB (German Football Federation).
  2. All tournament games last 2 times 25 minutes.
  3. All participating clubs are asked to bring player certificates respectively passports and to provide the organizer with a list of all participating players including surname, first name, date of birth and passport number. The number on the list corresponds to the shirt back number during the whole tournament. The name lists will be provided to all participants.
  4. All players born after 1st of January 2000 are eligible to play. Each team consists of up to 20 players.
  5. Each team is allowed to make up to four substitutions during one match. Please note that a replaced player cannot be putted in again during the same match.
  6. In case a player is presented a red card to exclude him from the running game (for example: kicking, hitting, spitting or offending the referee or his assistant), he is automatically eliminated from the whole tournament. The caution is issued by a yellow card. A second yellow card for one player during a match means that this player is automatically eliminated for the next game. After each game the yellow cards are eliminated. All kinds of punishment during the games are exclusively the referee‘s responsibility.
  7. The games' performance complies with the regulations of the DFB (German Football Federation) and is under surveillance of the Football Association Niederrhein. The referees and assistants are selected by the referees‘association of the district I of Dusseldorf.
  8. The teams play for the organizer's challenge cup. The tournament winner should feel obliged to defend its title in the following year. According to the placement, each team is provided with a souvenir. Pennant exchange among the participating teams is obligatory.
  9. The authority for the settlement of disputes is the tournament management.  A team‘s delay will be assessed with two goals for the opponent. In case the jerseys are identical colored, the first-mentioned team in the match schedule is obliged to change the jerseys.
  10. The above-described tournament regulations have to be complied with. The participating teams are asked to give their consent by signature and union‘s stamp. The tournament management

The tournament’s management